A New Paradigm for Human Understanding, Development and Healing

  • Active Learning

    Train to become a Das Prakash Healer through a rigorous 18-month online program that includes engaging lessons, thought-provoking assignments and practical testing.

  • Community Impact

    Facilitate profound healing experiences and apply Das Prakash transformational protocols as you work with your local community and global network as a trained professional.

  • Innovative Tuition

    Leverage practice-ready material during practicum to work with your clients in individual and group settings. Earn back a significant portion of your tuition as you complete the field-work.

Reimagine the World of Healing as a Das Prakash Practitioner

The Das Prakash system introduces a new psychology of healing. Practitioners learn how to create an immediate positive transformation within the human ecosystem and adjust the magnetic and energetic frequency for any being.

Through a combination of therapeutic yogic technology and holistic healing, students learn to effectively map, root, rearrange, heal, and reset purpose, strength, and vitality.

Accelerate your career path or launch a new career with an in-depth program that equips you with the framework to effect positive change and transform your clients' lives.
Das Prakash Healing Course

The Future of Healing

Be among the first in the world to become a trained Das Prakash Healer